Be a dope boy or free like your hair

My life in the fashion world is really amazing, I enjoying it everyday more and more. Sometimes it feels like I'm dreaming but then I realise this is REAL. You learn so many people and get some many experience where some people only can dream about. Also when I did know the lovely Katharina from the amazing Verlocke shop, it really felt like this was meant to be. You know that feeling? I do!Thanx to her I receive the lovely clipp&go extensions where a girl only can dream about, cause you know: hair will complete your identity in the morning...

The look: Necklace H&m, Skirt Choies, Glasses Vintage, Shoes Zara, Extensions Verlocke, T-Shirt Choies, Tattoo faketattoos, Beanie Choies,Shoes Zara & Clutch Choies.
All pictures made by Jennifer Penders