Still addicted

Everyone is still addicted, yes this is so true! But maybe I'm a person who is more addicted than most off the people, oops... I Shall tell you my little secret, but ssst don't tell anyone okay? My addiction is bags, shoes, clothes & actually everything what you can put on. So I look everday different, one day classy, the oder day just versatile and so we can on. That's why I need so much bags as possible, cause every outfit should fit from hat to toe right?!

Quote: '' I don't need a men in my life, my bags give me all gratification you ever could do'' .

 The look: Hat Vintage, Dress Jan Norman, Jacket Primarkt, Socks V&D, Shoes Sacha, Rings H&M, Extensions Verlocke & Bag Chicnova .

                                                                  All pictures made by Jennifer Penders