The fairytale with NO END: Louis Vuitton S/S 2014

We see the clock ticking with a beautiful fountain, the decor is constructed like we're in the tale of cinderalle which the clock strikes almost 12 hours and our Marc Jacobs cancels his carreer at LV. We see the famous escalators, with the carousel, the decor is very dark in all the shades of black and gray. Also see we the well-known hotel rooms from the lastest Autumn and winter show with everywhere the gatekeepers to help the wel-known models(like Edie Campbell) in discharging the elevator. This all with the exciting but also rotated fairytale music with a lot of emotion.
What we saw: many sequins, pants under dresses, transparent materials, leather jackets, letters like 14 come back, low waist skirts, oversized pants and jackets, checkered sheepskin, extravagant peacock feather headdresses (I LOVE!), Graffiti logos on the skin , jewelery, blue jeans, cut-outs filled chiffon, chiffon dresses, flat ankle boots, military jackets, epaulets, silk ruffles and lots of glitter.
 As we know there are times to come and go and if you have reached the highest point it is very wise if you decide to leave. Thanks for the great memories Marc Jabobs, you have a fairy tale book open where the chapter is closing but that never more gets dense.
All in al it was a dark fairytale with NO END.