Drugs what?

Omg why I hate wind? That's because your hair never stays good :( But okay enough complained now to the point! With this look I wanna tell you a little story and give you some advice. Of course every person has his own past and problems, some things they never forget and always see back in the future. Everyone deals with those problems, some eat to much, other drink and other use drugs. But remember you are your own angel, the only person who can give those things a place in it heart and let them go. If you learn this you never should use drugs or something else for that reason because always remember the only angel are you! Choose your own destination!<3<3<3
The look: Pants H&M, Shoes Milanoo, Earring, H&M, Necklace Pendrusco & Sweater Batoko

                                                                   All pictures made by Jennifer Penders