Once upon a dream...

The Continue from White riding hood:

The woman could choose between money and love. She chose the money. But you know what they say: ''you can only give your heart away once''. This she did by her real love, but when the madam left him, she was so lonely and broken that she became cursed. At night she constantly run trough the forest to look if her real love still loved her, but he was hinding in an unknown place to keep his heart safe. If they ever came back together? No, but the parts they both posess are their memories, because they will never cease to exist, in their dreams they dance together in the forests & we still know each other, because we once walked together upon a dream.

The look: Shoes Pensato, Hat Vntage, Gloves Armani, Dress Frans Molenaar. 

Pictures with thanx on Jennifer Penders