Dior Fairy tales exist

Sometimes we live in fairy tales, yes REAL fairy tales. Do you have the same problem as me? That you think you are dreaming, but then you realise it is for real? BAM, suddenly you wake up the next day and it's all over, you are in another world (just like the clock ticks 00:00 at the Cinderella story). It is just the same as that your book is closed and you start with a new one... The best part of this all is that we can safe it all in our memories and can use it for all the things we gonna read & imagine in the other book. Or is there no end to a book?

 The only thing I know is that we have to thank god for this beautiful life; live fast die old, be crazy, take risks, believe in fairy tales and dream with your eyes open.
The look: Skirt Christian Dior (Ladoyennevintage), Top Zara, Coat Christian Dior & Shoes Zara.

Pictures made by Ilyas Kaddhouri