Forever beautiful?

We always ask ourself: when is it our time, when are we the most beautiful, when will we find the one when when... But should we even wonder about this? Would not everything come on the perfect time, when you deserve it, when you work hard for it? We humans always worry too fast, because of this we don't see some beautiful little things that are crossing or path. That's why I say: enjoy every single moment you can be here on this earth, travel to wherever you want, stay open for new people, believe in the open road & never close your eyes for something because maybe you have only one oppurtunity to see the ''light''.

''No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong, only youself.''
The look: Dress Givenchy(Ladoyennevintage), Shoes H&M, Bag Frontrowshop & Necklace Barbarelajewelry.

Pictures made by Zach Fernandez