Stay true boy

Why should we act or wear like we are somebody else? Okay in some points of life you have to adapt to the occasion/situation. But also than you should stay true on yourself, on who you truly are. I love people who are always themself, and show them feelings, thoughts, luck, love and much more in outfits. Today it was time for a cool/boyish look. A dungaree can't miss in your wardrobe and especially not this season! Why? With a good dungaree you never can go wrong. Can you?

''Being true to yourself is better than being a liar just to impress everyone.''
The look: Necklace H&M, Socks Frontrowshop, Top H&M,Shoes Primarkt, Bag H&M &Dungarees by SoPR).

Pictures made by Ilyas Kaddouri