The girl with the poodle

 Sometimes you see people think; OH what is she wearing?!  For some it is enviousness, inspiration, hate, love, impression and so on. But my looks come always from my heart(inside) you know, I always show my dreams, thoughts & inspiration into outfits. Some poeple don't understand and some do. However also when people don't get it, there are still thinking about that ''weird'' girl who was wearing that outfit. And sometimes accessories make your outfit complete, or your best friend & sometimes dogs do. Not because they are ''accessories'' no because dogs are your best friend forever! They can give your mostly more love than human & will always take you just the way your are, not because of your money$/ fame or whatever. Dogs are my best friends and it will always be like this...

''A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself'.''
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 The look: Leather Jacket Christian Dior (Ladoyennevintage), Shoes H&M, Bag Pensato, Earrings H&M & Skirt D&G.

Pictures made by Zach Fernandez