White beauty

What is beauty? Is it something that comes from the inside or outside? What is more important the inside or outside? Can we have it both? In the dictionary beauty is described as a beautiful woman, okay but this is no answer to my questions... Some people are to beautiful on the outside, but ugly in the inside and reversed, the same applies. I think we will never find a real definition what beauty exactly is, but if you are beautiful from the inside you will see it on somebody's appearance, they feel happy & lucky. Happiness we can't buy, beauty we can. Show beauty from your heart and the rest will follow...

''Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart''.

The look: Dress Chanel, Gloves Prada, Fur Vintage, Shoes Anna Dello Russo, Bag Chanel & Rings ToucheToday.

Pictures made by Zach Fernandez