Red Winter

Today it is time for the last shoot I did with Sophie van Veen (an amazing photographer if you ask me). It is fall, this means for me fur! If you know me a little bit, do you know that I love summer & that I hate Winter. Okay what is hate? The defenition from hate is: sense of revulsion... I think everything in life has advantages and disadvantages. What I love from Winter is; Christmas, hot chocolate, watching movies, fur, high boots, sociability, snow(ice princess) & more. But I prefer Summer, but lucky as I'm do we leave next week Holland for Istanbul (Fashion week). More about that in the next post. Stay tuned dolls!

''Put on a red dress & be a queen.''
 The look: Dress Valentino, Shoes Zara, Socks Vintage, Fur Vintage & Necklace H&M.

Pictures made by Sophie van Veen