The lion & me

Sometimes we see the world floating away... People, buildings, the weather, everything can change in a minute, just as life. We don't realise this enough or don't take time to... But there's so much we don't see or understand. That if you stand still at one place, you can see the crowds pass you by, and you're the only one who understand what's happening to this world. Fortunately this girl was not alone, she was with her lion! What would happen if everything would crowd away if you were lonely? Maybe you think that nobody understands you, or maybe you are happy that you are the only one who understands the world and doesn't follow the crowd...

Remember you only life once. Don't follow the crowd, but follow your heart.
 The look: Shoes Primarkt, Top Vintage, Trouser H&M, Coat Primarkt, Rings ToucheToday & Necklace H&M.

Pictures made by Sophie van Veen