Bye Hollandia, Hello jakarta

Hello fashion dolls! Today is a big day, because we leave to JAKARTA. Yes it finally gonna happen and I'm really excited. My friend Bagua Jody invites me to come to his place, he is gonna show his collection during Jakarta fashion week, we gonna do various projects and gonna visit much events, press, media, magazines & much more. Sounds lovely right? It is! I never been to Indonesia so it is totally new for me :D My plane is gonna leave at 17:00 and I be there around 12:15 (different times of course). The outfit you see is not suitable for flying that long with a plane, but it is a beautiful outfit if you ask me. For example when you have some business meetings or a chic event. Now I have to run sweets, otherwise I miss my plane?! Hope to see you soon. Big x and stay tuned.

''You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown. You travel for the unknown, that reveals you within yourself.''
The look: Shoes Zara, Jacket Elisabetta Franchi, Skirt Elisabetta Franch & Scarf French connection.

Pictures made by Marjon Sars