Forever free

There was a girl, a lonely girl who wanted everything we had nothing... But everthing in her life was already decided. Her whole life was from birth till death punctual... For example who she should marry, how she should act, which job she should have, what she should wear and everything a girl/ woman has to find out & has to decide for herself. You know every person on earth is a bird, some fly the whole world and some are not that open minded and stay at the same place for the safety. But this bird had no opportunity to express what she really wanted. So this girl followed the birds and the light and decided to never be locked again in her own prison. She ran, far far away on the open road till she find her place. If she ever find her place? I don't know.

''Stand up for something, even if it means you are standing alone. Because often times, the one who flies solo has the strongest wings''.

The look: Boots Chanel, Dress Mary Katrantzou & Jack Emanuel Ungaro by Ladoyennevintage.

Pictures made by SophievanVeen