Every person in this world is looking for something. Some are looking for money, power, glory or fame, but most of us are looking for love. But you know when you search for something you will never find it...Only when you work hard for it and believe with all your heart in it, then one day you will find it. Not when you want it, only when you need it! This girl find her true love when she was really young, but he left her for another girl. After that she was all the time searching for love. But by all the boys who loved her, she felt like a prisoner in her own prison. So she finds out that she was a butterfly who was not searching for love, but freedom real freedom.

''How does one become a butterfly?'' she asked.
''You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.''
 The look: Trouser Guess, Coat Zara, Blouse Gucci, Belt Guess, Shoes Prada, Earrings D&G & Bag Vintage. 

Pictures made by Jennifer Penders