On the run Bitch

Hi dolls! Today it is time to show you guys again a totally different look, because it is time for business, good business! If you ask me girls never have enough coats, bags or shoes... When I found this beautifull Burberry coat, I know that it should be mine. The look you see is a bit a fashionable business look. Now it is colder, we can't walk with bare legs, so it is time for tights. We still can wear heels with open toe, just wear it with socks or tights and you are ready to go! Winter could also be fun right, but I still miss the weather from Jakarta... Oh yes Michelle stop complaining the only thing we don't can change is the weather, the rest is all up to you!

''Only people with goals succeed, because they know where they are going.''
The look: Shoes H&M, Coat Burberry, Dress Choies, Blouse Chanel & Dress Choies.

Pictures made by Jennifer Penders