Shopping addiction

This girl had a Winter depression. She felt unhappy in her own country, city, village, she was ready for something new. So she was thinking, thinking and thinking about everything and nothing. What is life? Time goes so fast, sometimes we forget to enjoy life to the fullest and before we know it we are already old... It is almost time for December and that means almost time for a new year; 2015! A new year means; new opportunities, people, rules, dreams, loves, changes and just everything a girl like me meet on an open road. This girl was looking for a medicine that could cure her from the depression. The only drugs she found was a whole day shopping. The day after she was totally back by herself, or perhaps even better; she found more colors inside her heart.

''Shopping is an addiction, for some people it is like a drugs that can heal the pain.''
The look: Shoes Primarkt, Cap Vintage, Coat Primarkt, Pearls Zara, Blouse Ralph Lauren, Skirt & Earrings H&M.

Pictures made by Marjon Sars