The future: Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

Hi dolls! We just arrived at Amsterdam and finally I can visit my family & friends:). After some hectic days in Jakarta where I was for Jakarta Fashion Week and business, I visited Bali. This place was more than amazing, where I get some rest again. Jakarta Fashion Week was more than worth my time, because I never saw a fashion week like this. Why not you should ask? I also ask myself this question... But the answer is: in Jakarta they are really fashion forward, I saw many great collections with beautiful fabrics, fashionable prints &  as final touch the most high trendy accessories. I think maybe they accessories, hair & makeup where the most fashion forward that I saw during fashion weeks! Because accessories makes always a look complete and here in Jakarta they people understand that. For me Jakarta was a great experience and if you ask me, Jakarta fashion week should become more international because it is more the future! Thank you for having me, for all the inspiration & love I got and what I can take with me in the rest of my life. Maybe till next year. Xoxo Michelle

Pictures made by Michelle Verpuggi