Blue sky on a winter day

Today it was a perfect winter day! The sky was blue, the birds flew & the sun kept us warm, we all love this winter weather right?! So together with my muse, friend, lovely designer and great photographer I found some time to shoot @Amsterdam. I thought it was time for some prints, fur & color. At the moment I hear many people say oh yes almost time for holiday, oh no not here... We are pretty busy till the end off December, to end 2014 at the best way! Much shoots, appointments for new great projects, stylings, shows, events & much more. But with Christmas I can finally spend some time with my family and friends:) Looking forward already! What are your plans coming days?

''The sky isn't always blue. The sun doesn't always shine. So it is okay to fall apart sometimes, but always remember to get back up again.''
 The look: Necklace ToucheToday, Shoes Primarkt, Rings ToucheToday, Blouse Takko (ImagePR), Bag Milanoo, Jack Primarkt & Skirt Takko (ImagePR). 

           Pictures made by The Lady in Blue (Antoinette van den Berg)