Christmas love

Today it was really busy in the city, everybody is buying the last Christmas gifts. You know how the days before Christmas are, sometimes we forget something or we are just to busy with finishing work! But if I'm honest the people were all a little bit stressed and bored... I think some people forget the meaning about Christmas and if you know it could be the most wonderful time of the year! Staying together with friends, family & our lovers, to laugh, love & cry about what happened this year. It is the only time in the year that we can forget the things that are happening in this world like; war, racism, hate, sickness and much more. It is a time that we can enjoy our moment in life together with our beloved ones. Those days are finally not going about work, money, fame or power, it is just enjoying and loving the time together with people who care about who you truly are.

''The people who truly love you, will always take you just the way you are.''
The look: Blouse Takko, Shoes Zara, Bag Primarkt, Skirt Takko, Fur Vintage, Rings ToucheToday, Necklace H&M & Earrings Campsencamps.

Pictures made by the lady in blue (Antoinette van den Berg).