Colorful rainbow

Hi dolls! Always when I walk on the streets and I look around there is one thing that always strikes me, certainly in winter... Do you know what? I will tell you: well it is that people don't wear colors... Okay mostly they don't. Than I ask myself why? How beautiful should the world be if people would wear much colors, than the streets should become a real rainbow right? From colors we get always so much inspiration and we become lucky from it, colors have a psychical & medicinal working. Just be honest when you was a child, what would you prefer darkness or brightness? Colorful or dark candies? So today I choose for a colorful winter look, I think you will love it or hate it! But I think mixing colors and prints is a stylish way to look fabulous & you know fashion is all about making combinations and inspire people, show them things they never should dare or see

''I think when we can bring back the colors in the streets, the world would be a beautiful rainbow.''
 The look: Shoes Primarkt, Bag Vintage, Top Asos, Necklace Vintage & Coat Primarkt.

Pictures made by Jennifer Penders