Galucci shoot: Be faithful

Hello dolls! It is already the second Christmas day, why time flies always with lovely days? However I hope you all did enjoy Christmas & that may your wishes came true. My only wish was that there should be snow here in the Netherlands, but there is no sign of snow. The weather forecast said there is snow coming this way in the next days... Pff you are kidding right? When we were children we could play in the snow and we looked forward to it, but when you have to work it sucks...But maybe I get some snow free? You know like they did on school... Haha I don't think so, but if than I gonna play with my sister & dog in the snow! Because deep in our heart we are sometimes still a child. Tomorrow my holidays are over and I have to work again, this time I have to walk on the runway for a fashion show> let's rock it. Don't forget to stay tuned on the social media! So now I gonna show you this lovely shoot I did last week for my Agency Galucci. I thought we need some Christmas inspiration & this is a look inspired by Marlene Dietrich. What you guys think about this shoot?

 ''Almost every woman wants to be faithful, but the difficulty is to find a man who would deserve to be faithful.''
The look: Dress Nelly, Fur Zara, Necklace H&M, Boots Givenchy, Beanie H&M & Blouse Takko.

Agenchy: Galucci
Styling: Supongo Estilo
Photographer: Ezgi Uslu
Model: Michelle Verpuggi