Happy 2015 dolls!

Hi bebes! Wow what is time flying fast, I remember like the day from yesterday that I was writing & shooting the happy 2014 post. It looks like; how older you become how faster the time flies... Sounds a bit weird I know, but for me it feels like this. 2014 Was for me a year every girl would dream of; take for example all the fashion weeks I have been, becoming an editor for a few magazines, I start working for a lot of agency's, flying all over the world for my jobs, doing big styling jobs for; magazines, brands, shows, celebs, starting my own company, did a lot of modeling, met all of you guys & so I can go on and on. And most important; Supongo Estilo grew more and more this all with thanx on my lovely followers, who believe & support me because of who I'm. This is the most special for me, I love you guys! Also a big thanx too all the people who learned me so much this year, because of you I found myself, my style & my inner self. Do you know what guys? I can write till tomorrow, but I'm ready to rock 2015. That all our fashion fairytale's may come true, believe, succes, work, love & dream bigger than big. See you in 2015

Happy 2015 dolls, make all your dreams come true. I believe in you all! And remember a new year is on the way and the possibilties are endless. 
The look: Dress Chanel, Shoes Milanoo, Pearls Primarkt, Earrings Gucci, Ring H&M & Fur Vintage.

Hair: Marion Cuypers
Makeup & Photographer Rachelle Penders