Rock your life

In life some people will try to change you. Maybe they are jealous, maybe they never fulfilled their dreams, maybe they don't wanna see you grow, maybe they don't begrudge it, maybe maybe maybe... The point is that you have to believe in yourself and never let anyone try to lose your inner self! Because the only person who can believe in you are YOU. Do whatever you like, dream big & remember never say never. If you really want something, work hard for it & do whatever you need to do for reaching your goals. Nobody is gonna do it for you. They laugh when you fall, they cry when you reach your stairs.

''Everybody sells his soul for something, dream but do not sleep.''
 The look: Shoes Milanoo, Skirt Choies. Sweater Dreambutdonotsleep, Sunnies Giantvintage, Necklace H&M & Beanie Dreambutdonotsleep.

Pictures made by Jennifer Penders