Under my umbrella

Today was just an ordinary rainy day. Normally this girl can't go out if it rains, not because she is from sugar, no because she is allergic to rain! Maybe it sounds a little bit weird, but it is true and it's a very rare condition only 43 other people on this planet have the same problem... People always laughed at her when she told this, so she decided to keep it secret & to stay inside when it rained. Sometimes you can better keep things for yourself otherwise people can use it against you... Sad but true! The only reason why she did go outside today was for seeing her love after years in the army. She was waiting and waiting, but he didn't come. Then she realized that he would never come back, but fear is to overcome when you believe in true love.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, life is about seeing a rainbow in the storm.
 The look: Skirt H&M, Shoes Zara, Top Vintage, Bracelet Kenzo, Blouse Vintage, Scarf H&M & Jacket Zara.

Pictures made by Sophie van Veen