Dream forever

Hi honeyzzzzzzzz! Sometimes things in life do not happen the way we expect or as we planned. Sometimes days are just like we only see in movies or at television... When we should tell people about our life, they think you are crazy or just a liar. Why things happen like the happen? Is there a reason for? Why we sometimes met new people and it feels like we are the best friends already all our life? Maybe because we were soulmates in other lifes or maybe, maybe, maybe. There are many things in life were I didn't find the right answer for, but I will find an aswer on all those questions. Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe when I die.

''Dream as you will life forever, live as you will die tomorrow.''
The look: Bag JoelleBoers,  Short Vintage, Gloves Avanti, Beanie Dreambutdonotsleep, Blouse H&M, Boots Givenchy & Sweater JoelleBoers

Photographer Sem Shayne
MUAH: Dominique Cordaro