Into the past

 Sometimes girls need just a dress to return back in time. You know some people believe in reincarnation (that after death our soul returns in another living being). Well sometimes I believe this is true! Do you know why? Sometimes I feel like I don't belong in this time... Some people don't understand my style, my inspiration, way of living and so we can go on and on. Go back in time where woman wore beautiful dresses in their daily lifes, for example at the; opera's, parties, dinners and even when they were grocery shopping. In this time it was definitely not done when you didn't wear like this. And look now? Now this is all past time... For the most of us, but for me it still goes on.

 On your way to the top you would do anything, till you get there.
The look: Fur H&M, Shoes Milanoo, Gloves Prada, Necklace H&M, Hat Chanel, Bracelet D&G & Dress Fecbek

Pictures made by Jennifer Penders