Rocking pastel

Hello fashionista's! How is life? It is time to rock a new look. Today I choose some pastel colors and a leather jacket because girls never have enough of these items in their wardrobe. But do you know? Black is just black, so if you choose a color like; blue, green, pink, white or whatever then we are not like the black crowd! We just need to show our own style and color imagination. Colors tell us much about a person like their energy, dreams, happiness, fears, mystery, creativity and much much more. Some people forget this, maybe that is why people always wear dark colors? Or they don't dare... I think it is the last. Guys it is time to show the world colors, colors & colors! Without colors in the wind, the whole world will be black & black reminds us of death! What you think?

''The truth is no ''color'' remains the same for you during time. It all change, just like time, just like people.''
The look: Skirt Primarkt, Shoes Milanoo, Sunnies Giantvintage, Fur H&M, Jack Primarkt & Top Takko

Pictures made by Jennifer Penders