Stéphane Rolland 2015; luminosity and airness

Hi dolls, how you been? Today finally Spring 2015 couture started in my schedule! Hell yess I did look forward a long time for this, you know it is always just like a girls dream... The first show I saw today was Stéphane Rolland and for me his shows are always like a fashion fairytale.

Today he used new silhouettes for a new freedom of the body, everything seems floaty and weigh less in a precious universe bathed in serenity. Think on; jumpsuits, silk crepe cape dresses and my favorite astonishing crinolines.

Materials: Transparent gauze,latex, lacquered, jersey and gazar.
Colors: Gold, white, black, terracottas & silver.

For me Stéphane Rolland did rock the haute couture fashion week already on a luminosity and airness way.