Styling: Young & Pretty Wild

Hi fashionista's! How you guys doing? Today I wanna show you a styling job, that I did a few weeks before. The styling is a bit inspired on the old golden glamorous times. You know when all the celebrities were going to studio 54, to celebrate a party or just the weekend. Spoken about weekend, well I really need a weekend break! You know spending time with family and friends, but at the moment I'm to busy for this. The fashion weeks are coming and I'm really busy with lots of projects. Well can you guys enjoy the weekend for me? Tomorrow another day, another day full of  opportunities. Let me know what you guys think about this styling. Big x dolls.

''Think as a trend setter, not as a follower.''
Photographer: Jeffrey Mac-Nack
Styling: Michelle Verpuggi
MUAH: Eldrigde Mullenhof
Model: Annefleur Noppers