Today this girl was a little bad, so she hid herself during a shoot. SSST normally I'm very good in it, but today they found me... Anyway, we can not be the winner every day right? Girls like me are mostly very playfull, funny and spontaneous, but at the same time creative, mysterious, edgy and sometimes a little boyish just like all you see back in this outfit! The concept behind the shoot is for the Berlin contest, so we had to combinate a swimwear item (bikini) with a Winter item. Well I think when you are creative you always came make something from nothing! Guys sorry now I'm going to sleep, tomorrow another day, another early call. See you dolls! Big x

''Do one thing every day that scares you.''
The look: Bikini Vintage, Fur H&M, Jacket Primarkt, Necklace Rum, Pants SaintLaurent & Shoes Frontrowshop.

Pictures made by Joep Tijssen