Video: Exaltation

''EXALTATION'' - a project by Jasna Rokegem

The design of Jasna; ''exaltation'' is developed for people who are living in a constant ''rush''. Today we don't have time to take a moment for ourselves and realize who we really are. It becomes more and more difficult to shut down our brains. A lot of people are feeling a big pressure to succeed and go on till they literal drop or fall down. Also other people, situations, triggers, images, things around us can make us feel stressed and uncomfortable.

''Exaltation'' will shut you down gently by slow stages and bring you back to your own inner self. The meditative wearable feels as a protective cocoon. When you come back to ''rest'', ''exaltation'' pulls back at all. The goal is to stop runing from situation to situarion and with the message ''be happy''. To push you to do some self-reflection and learns you again to enjoy '' the moment''.
Concept, design and styling: Jasna Rokegem
Models: Michelle Verpuggi & Joep Tijssen
Videography: Roza SchousVideo 
Editor: Jasper van Gheluwe