5x Trends that we can't miss!

This spring we can finally show who we really are! Nothing can't be too remarkably this season. Go for the following trends:

Out of space:

That the metallic trend this season totally not done is should be obvious! This does not mean that we can't show our futuristic side any longer. Precisely this spring is all about the future of fashion is now. Go for the out of space look! Think on; big oversized items, striking futuristic accessories, graphics, neon, lots of black and leather (Raf Simons).

How to Marry a Millionaire:

Who does not love glitter and glamor? This season we can show our glamorous style again, think of diamonds, pearls, gold and many striking accessories (Chanel).

Over the rainbow:

Colors we never have enough! So this season we can go for many, many colors, because this season is the street our own rainbow (Valentino)

All about prints:

We can not get enough of prints! Think of the animal, icecream, grafic and flower prints (Louis Vuitton).

Barbie is Back:

As you probably already saw is that the Barbie trend is completely back. So go for a totally pink look like Barbie. Where is Ken (Moschino)?

We are ready for shopping what about you? Let the Spring begin...