Always a winner

Hi dolls! I'm sorry for my lately blog, it won't happen again but my diary was oh so busy... This weekend I had a styling for a very cool videoclip and yesterday was the blogger battle. Unfortunately I didn't won, but you know sometimes you don't have to win for knowing you are a winner! And we all know competitions are not always going in honest way and the best part of this all is that people who see the outfits from the winners they know it is not reall ''fashion'' or innovatory. Style you have or not, simply as that. The next compensation we gonna rock again, till all the people know; Michelle is a real winner.

Another week, means another week to work my ass of for my dreams! Today I had some important meetings for the next Paris fashion week, also picking up some beautiful clothes that I gonna wear. Wow my looks are amazing, can't wait till showing you guys. Tonight I gonna do some office work and after that watching some movies. Yes I love watching movies, don't know yet which one. How you guys been? Did you enjoy your weekend? See you dolls tomorrow. Big X.

             Sometimes we don't need to win, to know we are a winner.

Photographer Ralph Sluysmans.