Be my valentine

There are every single year many girls dreaming of valentine day. Some believe they will find true love on 14 February, some think their man will ask them to marry, some think their love will take them do the most special place on earth and so we can go on. The truth is when you are looking for something you will never find it and certainly not with love! Love is maybe one of the most beautiful things in the world, but also very complicated if you ask me. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend, or that I run away after a date? Or maybe I just never found the one and will I meet him when I don't expect it? I have to be honest I also don't search for love. Days like valentine shows us sometimes that real love exist and that miracles can happen even when you don't believe in it. Every person needs love, not only one day in the year, every single minute of his/ her life. Believe in love it truly exist and one day you will find it, only if you believe!

There is only one ''one''.
The look: Hat Depeche, Bag Milanoo, Shoes Michael Kors, Earring D&G & Suit Depeche.

Pictures made by Gaston Wals & Ilyas Kaddouri