Missing ''home''

Sometimes we feel lonely, even if we are not alone. Sometimes home feels not like home, you recognize this feeling? Sometimes another city or place feels like home! Why? Maybe because your lost your heart there, or your love is living there, or you have the best memories is this place or maybe you feel like you can build a whole new life here, or maybe maybe maybe...

One day I was walking in the streets from Paris and I saw a little book store, maybe you think fashion girls never read books but of course we do! I love reading, so I was walking inside and I and I smelled the smell of books (this makes me happy). Till I found a book with the quote; '' When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life'', I thought this reminds me of Paris. So I decided to rewrite the quote in; When a girl is tired of Paris, she is tired of life. This is definitely true for me, I really mis Paris every single minute, but happy as I'm do I go back to Paris next week, for womenswear. I'm already my days on the countdown!

''Sometimes home feels not like ''home'', because our heart belongs to another place or city.''
The look: Dress Judith van Vliet, Shoes Chris van den Elzen, Bag Milanoo, Belt Judith van Vliet, Earrings Chris van den Elzen & Blouse Judith van Vliet.