Nothing really matters

 Hi hunzzz! Hope you all have an amazing wednesday, here we are so busy... Sometimes I wish a day had like 48 hours... But you know what they say about complaining right? ''If you're not going to put forth any effort to change it, don't waste your efforts complaining about it''. Well yes totally right, but sometimes we need just a little bit more time. Now you ask yourself, why is she so busy? Well I'm very busy with the preparations for Paris Fashion Week, you know planning meetings, interviews, checking which shows I wanna see, picking up clothes for stylings and of course with my own looks! Friday I have a styling project for a videoclip and this is also very important & saturday another styling for my agency and than sunday I have a shoot... But I have to be honest, I love being busy, than I feel like useful and making our dreams takes time, you have to work your ass off for it. Simply as that! Where are you guys busy with? Today a more wearable look. Wanna know what you think about it. It is like a classy look with some Russian inspiration.  What you think about this look? See you guys. Big X

Being busy is a drug, because you become addicted when you start with it. 
The look: Bag Pensato, Shoes Zara, Fur Vintage, Coat Takko & Earrings D&G.

Pictures made by Jennifer Penders