Shine all the time

Before: messy hair
 Hi guys, happy Valentine's day! Hope you have a lovely day with your beloved one. For me no Valentine, but well happy as I'm did I found some time with my lovely family & friends. Love is not only about two persons it is going about people who will love you just the way you are! Today I found some lovely pictures from a few weeks ago, just before the fashion weeks rollercoaster started. At the first day a taxi picked me up at home, after that he brought me to a beautiful hairsalon from Cosmo, here they made my hair beautiful so I could shine on the first day of fashion week! After that I hurried to my makeup artist and designer in Amsterdam to shine all day. Now I have to go dolls, in a half hour I have a lovely dinner and I'm not ready yet... Omg what should I wear and where is Cosmo when you have a bad hair day? Have a lovely night and stay tuned more is coming tomorrow! Kisssss

Shine like a star, because stars shine forever.
After: beautiful cared hair