The heart wants what it wants

Hi dollies, it's time for a new look! The inspiration from this look came from Michael Jackson & Minnie Mouse, maybe it sounds like a weird combination, but if see this look you see both icons coming back. Hats are always trendy and perfect for the final touch, even as necklaces & one of my favorite accessories; gloves! The last few days I'm totally in love with my new Karl Lagerfeld gloves. This look remains a girl who is sweet, girlish, young, but at the same time also mischievous & wild. Mmm interesting combination from properties if you ask me! Sorry guys, now I have to hurry otherwise I will missing my train. See you tomorrow! Big x

''You got me scattered in pieces, shining like stars and screaming. Lightening e up like Venus, but then you disappear and make me wait.''
The look: Hat Depeche, Necklace Primarkt, Shoes Anna Dello Russo, Gloves Karl Lagerfeld, Dress David Paulus.
 Pictures made by Marjon Sars