Young & glamorous

Honeyzzz! Today it is time for a glamorous look. You have to love it or hate it, I guess... This girl just watched her favorite movie; Sex & The city. When she was watching the movie she thought; why couldn't I be my own fashion star? Let's go shopping! It is a long time ago... She was walking store in and out, but she knows that fashion is her greatest addiction & when she begins with shopping she can't stop! You know for some people is drugs, alcohol, sex, food or whatever an addiction, but for her fashion is and she knows when she starts with shopping, she only stops when all her money is gone. Well yes sometimes girls like me just need this, it feels like your own personal heroin.

''Fashion is like your own personal heroin.''
 The look: Shoes Zara, Skirt, bag, fur, gillet & hat depeche & Braclet Clio.

Photographer Leroy Dassen