6x tips to become a model

Hi guys! Today something totally different. The last weeks I got a lot of emails, if I could help some people for becoming a model, ofcourse I wanna help you all. Next month I also gonna look for international models, who have the potential to become a real international topmodel. So stay tuned! Today I wanna give you guys some tips to become a topmodel. Almost every girl dreams of becoming that, but we have to be honest it is only for a few of us!

1. Find a way to stand out:

There are million of girls who are dreaming about becoming a model. Some wanna do it just because of the fun, but some wanna make them work from it. We all know almost every girl dreams of it so you have to find a way to stand out, be different and unique! For example, dress to impress or find your inner beauty and show this during a casting.

2. Be healty:

When we are young, we can mostly eat whatever we like. But we have to deal our whole life with us body, so be healthy! Drink for example every morning hot water with lemon or salt. Avoid fatty substances and meat, eat only things like; fruits and vegetables at regular intervals. Don't eat after 18:30 (your body can't incorporate this). Okay sometimes we can make an exception like once a month!
3. Feel fashion:

Becoming a good model, doesn't mean you only should be pretty, no you also have to know the ins and outs about fashion. Do you research about designers, watch shows, look every day into magazines, read trends, create your own style and so we can go on and on.

4. Be prepared:

If you have an interview with an agency or casting always be prepared! Take your portofolio with you, be on time (15 mintes before is better), don't wear makeup, natural hair, be yourself, wear body conscious clothing like a black skinny and black top and always wear high heels!

5. Only the best:

Your portfolio is very important. That's why you have to work with only the best people, create variation, show them different styles. Find a team where you can work with for a long time. And only go to interviews or castings when your portfolio is ready!

6. Always socialish:

Connections are one of the most important things in fashion. So always socialish, even during a afterparty. Stay proffessional and talk with all the people who look intrested. Be yourself, find a way to impress them, ask them business card or contact and stay in touch. Always be kind and yourself because the fashion business is very small. One day you are in the next day you are out.

This were the first tips guys, those days are more tips coming. In April I gonna keep a model casting for finding the next topmodels. Stay tuned more is coming. Big kiss