Be sweet Paris

 Hi dolls, happy sunday! I'm just back from a whole day shooting in Antwerp, now it is time to do all kind of preparations before I leave to Paris. We are so excited! So Tuesday I leave Amsterdam for Paris and than it is time to rock that fashion week again. I feel so blessed, really some kind of girls only dream about my life... But you guys should all follow me on my social media, that's my way to take you all with me (because taking all you guys with me is impossible, I wish I could).  And of course stay tuned on my blog because I gonna try to post daily (even with my hectic schedule). 

The look you see I shoot a few weeks ago. When I was putting those clothes and accessories together I had some candy sweet moments, with like you see pastel colors. Pastel colors are not that trendy coming season, but we have to follow our own trends right? See you in Paris dolls!

''Fashion week is every day, the streets are our own runway. Rock it, let people stare & show them that they have to dare to be fashion.''
The look: Jacket David Paulus, Skirt Primarkt, Top Takko, Shoes Zara, Bag Frontrowshop & Necklace Lulu.

Photographer Marjon Sars