Be yourself

Loves, happy weekend! Hope you guys are all pretty well. Goodnight from Paris we say. Wow I'm loving this fashion week so much, met like really great new people and I'm busy with so many projects (gonna tell you later about it), but first things first. It was time to share look 3 (I know day 4 already finished, but I couldn't write more earlier). Can you forgive me? Those days are crazy like hell you know, no sleep at all huh? 

Sometimes even when it is fashion week people are staring at me like; who is that girl? Is she coming from another planet. Hello no? You just see a normally girl, who share her vision of fashion with you!  

You don't have to like my style, if we would like everybody's outfit where should we get inspiration from anyway? How should we impress yourself? Dare to be you! 
 The look: Sweater Joelle Boers, Cap H&M, Fur Primarkt, Pants Vintage & Blouse Chanel & Bag Janiek Koppe

Photographer: Muffadal Abbas