Blue darkness

 Happy weekend dolls! Hope you all had a wonderful week, with lot's of inspiration, new people & dreams just like mine. Wow my week was totally crazy, all the Fashion week hectic, lot's of meetings, shoots and dinners. Now I'm back in Holland for a couple of days, finally seeing my family & my little dog, did miss them so much. But I have to be honest, I also miss Paris; all my friends, fashion week & much more. If you know me a bit, you know that I don't like having rest (okay sometimes a person needs), but I really love being very busy! I think my personality and mind needs it, if something gets boring, I'm already  busy with something new. '' I'm like a reall butterfly'', they say. Today I gonna have a day full of castings & tonight dinner with my family. Tomorrow another shooting day. 

Now I wanna show you guys a look that I wore during some shows at PFW. The inspiration from those look came from the planets, stars & darkness, but you know I always put some color in my outfits (even in the lips). Finally I found a way to have blue lips, do you like it? Let me know what you think about this look! Love you stars.<3<3<3

''Marry the darkness, because we rule the world.''
The look: Skirt David Paulus, Bag H&M, Shoes Alysa, Hat H&M & Top David Paulus.

Pictures made by Janell Ma