Independent woman

 Hi bebes! How is your week so far? Hope you are all rocking your days like a dream. Today it is time to show you another outfit that I wore during PFW!

Sometimes we girls are dependent on a man, even if we are strong and beautiful. Maybe because we are to beautiful or to sweet in the inside? Or maybe because our heart is sold in love. This looks remains a girl who is beautiful, very strong and independent. She wanna show woman that we don't need a man in our life to be happy, sometimes we are even more happy without them. I always say; love is maybe one of the most beautiful things in life, but at the same time one of the most difficult things. You can die or life forever, just because of it. To show this I wore a beautiful statement top, a skirt that fits my body very well, statement accessories like a futuristic earring and necklace, some fur and to give this woman a strong feeling some beautiful statement sandals. I have to say I felt like a real Cinderella. Have a lovely day guys. Kisses

''The smartest thing in life a woman can learn, is to never need a man.''
The look: Shoes ChrisvandenElzen, Skirt JudithvanVliet, Fur Vintage, Necklace ChrisvandenElzen, Bag Frontrowshop, Top JudithvanVliet, Watch DanielWellington & Earring ChrisvandenElzen.

Pictures made by Janell Ma