Interview: Never Close Your Eyes Baby !

Today I wanna show you guys an interview that I did with a friend from me during PFW last month. 

''It was Paris Fashion Week in 2013 when I first met Michelle Verpuggi. Who knew that I could do an interview with her talking about our passion -- FASHION now in 2015 during again PFW!''
Michelle has many hats on her, a young fashion blogger, creative stylist, fashion magazine editor and model. I can always get inspirations from her style because she is bold enough to try new and avant garde outfits all the time.

As a photographer, I’m attracted to colors automatically. And she is the perfect person that I shoot photos with who can manipulate colors so well!
When I read her blog, I am interested in her quotes. So the very first question that I asked her about is ... Are they your own quotes? The answer was so positive. Yes she writes her own quotes. From her sayings we can see an independent and strong girl working hard in this fierce industry !

Since she is a stylist, we have to know what style is her favorite. “Well, it depends on which occasion and my mood. I change outfits everyday trying new designers’ items and styling like no other person does the same.”

“ When I write my blog, I always want to inspire people and to tell them that fashion is all about confidence, being different and being yourself.”  It was good to hear that her followers like both her pictures and her words. She said: “ If your words are not good , even though the pictures are beautiful they will not come back to your blog.”

She got inspirations from every where she goes and every thing she sees. I couldn’t agree more when she said that NEVER CLOSE YOUR EYES, WHEN YOU DO THAT YOU WILL MISS SOMETHING ! This is so true!!! Especially in this one of the most creative yet competitive industries, you can never stop being inspired by designers, photographers, stylists, models and even your competiters.

Well I would say fashion is super experimenting. And what she does is exactly to try new styles. She mentioned that when you stop trying new styles , it becomes boring.

Only more than one year since she started writing her blog, she already witnessed so many doors opened for her.
It was funny when she called the people who always wear black in the Netherlands BLACK SHEEP. “ Fashion is not only showing your clothes, also it shows your personality. So put on the garments fit for you and your personality as well.”

Sometimes people say that she is out of space when she dresses up like really extravagant or avant garde. But she’s enjoying it, hahah...

Merci for this Interview Janell, can't wait to see you very soon in Paris! Check out her blog HERE. Big kisssssss.