Just a girl

Fashionistas! Time for a totally new look, wearable but very very classy!

The story behind this look:

Sometimes girls like you or me are waiting a thousand years for their man. Some wait till he comes back after a divorce or relationship, but some are still believing if you search for love you will find it... Nope! Definitely not, love is not something that you can buy, find on tinder or force. It is something special, it comes when you are ready for it and you still believe (even if you heart is broken and broken again). Some people find it as teenager, but some when they are already ''old'' & wise like they say... This girl was waiting for her husband who said that he came back home after a long work trip (or maybe just going to his new wife). She waits the whole day, but no man? Maybe his plane delayed, or something happend? Her mind said, just call him then you are securely, till a wife picked up his phone... 

''Never wait or look for something, because everything in life is already planned. If you love yourself, you don't even need love from somebody else.''
The look: Belt D&G, Coat Zara, Shoes Chicwish, Gloves D&G & Fur Gucci.

Photographer: Sophie van Veen