Manish Arora/ Once upon a time

Once upon a time, in a far away land full of colour and shine a pop warrior travelled through a magical landscape populated with mystical creatures. The lights go on and mostly you wake up from your beautiful dream, but this time my dream was reall it becomes reality!

Models are rocking the runway in jewelled owls and ravens. We see intricately embellished sweatshirts, jumpsuits, beautiful glamour dresses, wrap tops, feathers, jewel tones and the MUST have skull bags. Do I still have to say more?

Colors: The whole rainbow
Accessories: Skull bags, sandals, masks, bones.
Inspiration: Walking fairytale, woman who dare to be fashion.

Manish Arora was one of my favorite shows till now! Let's be honest a show who already start as a fairytale is one of the best right? And the best part of this all was that under the reign the people lived in a jubliant haze of pink and gold, everyone lived happily after.