Pfw day 2/ I'm fashion

Hi guys! A quick post during all the shows, presentations, fittings, meetings and cocktails. Today I wanna show you the look that I wore yesterday. The look is girlish, but in a tough way. Did you see this beautiful leather jeacket already? Isn't it magnifique? I love the color combination between pink & orange with black. To complete this look I put a basic dress on, high booties, a statement necklace, Fendi clutch, earrings, gloves and some fur. Hope you guys are all pretty well. I'm sorry guys, the next show (Balmain) start in 30 minutues and I'm not on my way yet. Fashionable late huh?  See you, big Kiss. 

''Fashion you are or not.''
The look: Jacket SkarletStarkdale, Boots Givenchy, Clutch Fendi, Necklace H&M, Dress Takko, Earrings Newlook, Gloves Karl Lagerfeld, Fur Vintage.

Pictures made by Janell Ma