Girls wanna have fun

 Hi guyssss happy Sunday! Hope you all had an amazing weekend (I did). Sorry for not posting a few days, crazy things where happening. Coming week will be busy as well, tomorrow I have a show in Gent, Tuesday a shoot + interview, some other shows and one day full time acting in a new serie (pretty excited). What are your plans dolls? Next week I'm flying to Rome for a big project, can't wait to tell you more about it!

Last week I did a shoot with my pretty namesake, so I thought it would be cool to post the first pics. What you guys think about this? I think Michelle looks gorgeous, omg look at that body & hair? Who is already jealous? As you know me, I mostly always wear colors that's why I choose this leather jacket and Moschino bag. Now I have to pack my suitcase, see you dolls. Big kiss

''Real friends are hard to find, but if you find someone it's forever. Believe me and I say never forever.''